net101 Course Reviews


Thank you Tim, I really enjoyed the course over the last couple of days. I learnt a lot and appreciate the way you and Gaynor presented the information. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to do the courses, they are valuable. Regards Alan.

Thanks Tim Martin for a great day of training at the Social Media and Internet Marketing Essentials course. Tim is a great presenter, who packs a lot of information into one day, keeping it up-to-date, relevant, interesting, and fun. I look forward to seeing what the Advanced Social Media course has in store. 

I really enjoyed Tim Martin's Social Media course. The course structure was extremely thorough, and the way Mr. Martin was able to present the material was easy to understand and extremely beneficial. The course was beneficial for all age ranges. In my group there were a lot of business professionals, but as a University student I found the material very helpful. Also Mr Martin provides a lot of take home materials which I have been using for one of my University classes at the moment. I truly urge anyone to take the course if they do not feel that comfortable with social media for any aspect of their business or life.

I can't believe it has been only 3 weeks since attended the 2 day social media and internet marketing course in Sydney. I still feel like I am at the beginning of the journey, but now I'm empowered and prepared. I have a plan based on realistic decisions and can measure how effective each step of this is, making changes along the way as needed. I was a complete novice when I attended the course and still feel a bit like I'm stumbling around in the dark, but it's definitely getter lighter each week. This is a very powerful, emotive course and I would recommend it to anyone looking to start or grow their social media presence, especially to help to market their business. Thanks Tim and Gaynor.

I completed Tim's 'Social Media & Internet Marketing For Business' workshop to up date my skills in this area. Tim's practical and down to earth manner was refreshing and the course was particularly constructive and informative. Tim constantly illustrated how key elements could be incorporated into the various participant's businesses and assisted us in understanding how to better use this medium to our company's benefit. I've also since discussed his suggestions with friends and colleagues with two in particular implementing some of the website suggestions he tabled into their sites. The suggestions made are obvious when you give it some thought, but not being addressed by many companies at all, as it involves us looking at this medium in a different way to how we've viewed traditional marketing mediums. The course benefited attendees with no social media experience to those with reasonable experience in this area. I would highly recommend this course not just to marketers but also to key business stake holders. The approach to website's discussed in this workshop is the way of the future, yet so few companies understand their websites business potential. It's the companies who start viewing their website and social media now in the way discussed in this workshop that will make big gains, and in 5 years time the others will be the ones left behind. A very eye opening and beneficial workshop. Thanks for sharing your insights Tim. 

Tim is a great and experienced trainer who was able to get across an enormous amount of industry knowledge in one day. A good structured and engaging course that can be applied to any industry and unique business set up. Thanks and I look forward to attending further courses.

I recently attended a one day course, presented by Tim Martin, in 'Social Media & Internet Marketing For Business'. His information is extremely well researched, with many real word examples and illustrations on how to focus search attention towards a business and make it more digitally visible. Describing the various elements that when combined, work together to strengthen a businesses online presence can be daunting. However Tims clear delivery supplies strategies that businesses can grasp and initiate. This easily cuts through the jargon and supplies powerful concepts to implement. I have lots of thinking and strategies that I can now implement that will potentially benefit my business on an ongoing basis. Thanks Tim.

I always thought that I had some idea about social media and online marketing. Then I attended Net 101! It opened my eyes to a whole new world of social media strategy, using real life examples, set out in an easy to follow style. It's really inspiring as well. I'm often referring to my notes from the two day intensive so I can better my online presence, both personally and professionally.

I've just completed the Net101 Social Media and Internet Marketing course, and I was really impressed. Full of great content, and presented in a way that made it clear, relevant and - most importantly - actionable. The take-home materials are a fabulous set of resources, too.

I thought I knew social media and search until I attended this course. Tim presented a lot of information and his interactive style and live examples generated some very interesting discussion. Being a software developer, I found the real world examples especially valuable and have already started implemented those tips and tools on our current projects. Thanks Tim!

I was totally overwhelmed by social media prior to doing Tim's course. But after doing Tim's course I feel empowered and confident that I can create an effective social media strategy for our business that will generate leads and help us grow our brand online. The net101 website is also a great resource for digital marketing tools. I would recommend this course to anyone involved in marketing their businesses online. Thanks Tim!

I took the Internet Marketing and Social Media Fundamentals course in December. It was because of Tim's course that I was able to have a solid understanding of SEO and the importance of a great website with relevant content. I have since gone on to pitch to my existing company the necessity of having a great website that is easily visible on Google searches and capture the 'long tail' your most important customer base!! I am now responsible for the redevelopment of our Website and managing our social media strategy!! Thanks Tim!|

  actually took an Internet Marketing and Social Media Fundamentals course from Tim in August when I was 'in between' jobs. It helped me understand the mystery behind important information to include on your website and SEO tips, and reassured me that I wasn't out of the loop when it came to social media. I'm now in a role where one of my main jobs is to redevelop a website, which will of course incorporate social media. As Tim said though 'Get your website right first!' That's my plan...Thanks Tim.

I completed the Social Media and Internet Marketing Essentials class and I left feeling inspired and confident to start entering and understanding the online marketing world. Tim's passion in conjunction with a wealth of knowledge and experience made the class interesting and exciting. I would highly recommend the NET101 courses. 

Tim's presentation was fantastic. Being a bit ignorant about the internet and marketing, I was concerned I wouldn't be able to understand Tim. However, nothing could be further from the truth. He presented in a such a way that made you understand what he said. This is a course I have already recommended to a number of small business owners and have told them it is a must to attend.

Starting up a business which will rely heavily on marketing through social media, Tim's presentation was superb in simplifying the important online tools needed to promote and grow a business. From keyword searching to analytics, image and video hosting, this is a course I would recommend to anyone who isn't "the smartest person in history". Thanks Tim

Huge thanks to Tim for the insightful and delightful net101 presentation I attended recently. I was impressed by the amount of knowledge and foresight Tim has in the Search space and how few companies actually recognise and actively contribute to the power and importance of content on their websites to drive strong SEO strategies. I was equally amazed at how few businesses have registered themselves on Google Places. As a Digital Media Practice Leader at Slade Partners, there is a growing need for Social Media and Digital Media Managers and Marketers and it's excellent to know there are presenters like Tim enforcing the importance of knowledge in this space. I would recommend this seminar for all levels of internet knowledge, even if it's a refresher.

Thanks to you Tim for such a brilliant digital marketing course. I found it to be incredibly useful, packed full of practical insight into today's internet marketing and SEO landscape and very enjoyable. The take home notes and USB were particularly useful for looking back over the lessons of the day. We'll definitely be using what I learnt on the course in our business, and I'd have no hesitation in recommending your course to others. Cheers!

Tim's social media marketing course was a really useful day of SEO tips and tricks, google analytics and insights into other useful free tools I could use to improve organic search results. The workshop had a good level of interaction and Tim's presentation style was really engaging and kept you interested throughout the day.

The social media marketing course has provided me with the tools to help grow our business and our brand. The course itself is practical, interactive and very informative - I left the course with a very long list of immediately actionable tasks which are already having a positive impact on our business. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to grow their exposure online and beyond. Thanks Tim!

Tim's presentation at the MLC 2011 Congress in Singapore was first rate. I walked away with some really easy and tangible ideas to implement into our business. I would highly recommend taking an opportunity you can to attend a session with Tim, your business and personal online credibility will be greatly impacted.

I came out of the course with some useful insights about how I can better serve my existing customers using freely available internet tools, and also be more attractive to new customers by meeting their needs. I'm impressed that I now have a list of at least 20 business improvements. Once they are implemented I know they will have a positive, if not dramatic, impact on my business.Thanks Tim!

Save yourself weeks if not months of reading and book a seminar with Net 101. You will come away from the seminar armed with all the knowledge and tools you need to develop your own Internet Marketing Strategy. Thanks for the clarity Tim.

Tim demystifies online marketing & social media. His course provides a practical game plan to improve your website and online marketing strategy. I gained invaluable tips from an expert with years of online experience and the confidence to put my knowledge into immediate action. Regardless of your online experience or budget constraints, Tim demonstrates that you can create your own successful digital marketing campaign. Net 101: Internet Marketing & Social Media is not just a course, it's an insight into how marketing communication has changed & how to be a participant in digital marketing today.

Tim Martin's net101 Internet Marketing & Social Media Fundamentals course was highly educational and presented in a no nonsense, interactive format that made it easy to understand and a pleasure to participate in. I would highly recommend it for anyone in business today who wants to leverage Google and Social Media in their marketing mix, a great place to start!

This internet Marketing and Social Media course is really fantastic! I like the fact the Tim is from the original days and has a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm under his digital belt! The coverage of keyword aligned content, meta data and search was invaluable. I have a good understanding of how to use Facebook for Business well so it worked well for me that this wasn't a focus for the course. However if you are business who needs an in depth strategy for Facebook you may need to do some extra courses on top of this one. Overall a brilliant learning curve from an engaging teacher!

The net101 Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing was a fantastic course. No over the top tech talk, just great information that anyone can understand. Highly recommended. Thanks Tim.

I found the net101 Course very useful. Tim's passion for these topics comes across very clear in his delivery. Tim has opened the door to a number of opportunities at this critical time as we are embarking on an Online Strategy. The course was an introduction to a variety of very important topics, all to do with maximising the opportunities available to any organisation in the online space. In some cases, it is a matter of doing the same thing slightly differently, with a measurable positive impact on the online presence. I strongly recommend this course. Thanks Tim.

I find the net101 website a valuable source of information. The knowlegde Tim shares has been a valuable insight for the improvment of our website and social media strategies. If I have a query or need help net101 is the first place I call - Thanks Tim

Clearly a well constructed Internet Marketing & Social Media Course by Tim Martin. An invaluable addition to any business or organisation that wants to stay in front of their competitors.Tim provided a light hearted, yet information filled 8 hours in the one day course. Tim's course left me feeling very confident in implementing his easy to follow instructions to what originally seemed to be a complex but crucial part of Internet marketing. A highly recommended course indeed.

Thanks Tim for a very informative and enlightening social media workshop. I came away highly motivated to get going and was buzzing with ideas for our business. It was practical, hands on, interesting and the time just flew. I recommend it to all! Thanks, Dee.

Hi Tim. The workshop you ran for us was excellent. It built on the work we'd done before and opened our eyes to a little bit of what's possible. Really looking forward to implementing the ideas you shared and then getting you back so we can develop our digital marketing further. Many thanks, Phil.

I recently attended Tim's Internet Marketing and Social Media one day course. It was absolutely fantastic and I recommend it to anyone who has a website. It's great to listen to someone that practices what they preach and you really get your monies worth. Took home a booklet full of information and a usb with even more.... Fantastic!!

 I recently engaged Tim to audit our website and SEO to see how effective it was for our business. I consider we are fairly web savvy as an organisation however Tim was able to provide a wealth of fabulous information and extremely practical advise and actions to take our business to the next level on the web. I have read an abundance of white papers, books, reports etc on the subject yet this was the most user friendly & practical approach i could have taken. Keen to take the workshop next!.‎

And then you take Tims one day mind explosion and it changes everything. I recently completed Tims Internet Marketing & Social Media one day course and it made me quite aware how little I knew, but more importantly, how little out there I was using to market my own company.

It was a day well spent with simple and easy to understand delivery by Tim on a wide range of topics. Very practical.‎

If you are looking for assistance to explain how best to access tools to promote your business on the Internet with intelligence and understanding…Tim Martin is your guide. This one-day workshop demystifies: analytics, widgets, social media, wire services and more, but most importantly made me see new ways to develop my contribution on the internet from the point of view of my site visitors.

If you want to know about internet marketing and marketing using social media, take Tim Martin's net101 course. Seriously, it will be a day well spent. He puts the whole topic into black and white. Numbers were small, the discussion flowed, we could interject to ask questions or share our own experiences, and the next day I was able to walk into the office and confidently use so many tools that had always existed on my desktop. He'd already done a lot of research about us before we'd walked into the course. He knew how well our employer's websites were performing and gave useful tips on how to improve them and how to make them ready for the next generation of search facilities. This is a great course and I recommend it to individuals, corporations, non-profit organisations, for novices, or for anyone like me who thought he knew more than he actually did!‎

A fantastic course that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their online presence. Tim's presentation is full of practical tips that are easy to implement and track. Very informative and interesting. Thanks Tim!‎

I have attended various workshops/seminars on a range of subjects over the years and have mostly come away disappointed. Happily this wasn't the case with Tim's workshop. It ticked all of the boxes – highly relevant content FOR THE ENTIRE SESSION, well paced, very useful and extremely well communicated (bravo!). I appreciated the time he took to context the internet & social media within the marketing framework and his emphasis on the responsible use of the techniques. Great workshop Tim - thanks‎.

A day packed with useful background and strategies. I walked out with a list of 18 things that will improve my on line business and the communication with those I wish to do business with. Tim allows a lot of interaction and questions which gives you the opportunity to understand the concept before moving on. I am now putting "rubber on the road" and the outcomes are positive.

Such a vital skill base to hone on today's ever-changing digital landscape. Being my second workshop, I am now really grasping these highly practical abilities/strategies that Tim teaches to apply to my marketing clients. He makes it fun and easy to comprehend and has a real, unbiased insight into the world of internet marketing. He's the expert!

I have completed a number of workshops and courses on digital marketing prior to attending Tim's class. Where many courses focus on theory via power point slides, I was so relieved to attend a class that cut out the power point and instead focused on teaching us exactly how to execute the theory.This helped me to understand exactly how to set some thing up, know where to look and what to look for, etc. By far the most practical information I have received and as a result, I got more out of this class than any of the others I had previously done. This made me more inclined to go back to the office and take some actions on our website right away as I was shown the 'how' not just the 'what'. Would be very interested in any advanced courses of this nature.‎

Tim Martin delivered a fantastic course, I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of digital marketing and social media. I have already implemented some of the strategies that were discussed and have seen some improvement in our website traffic already. If you are looking for low cost strategies and quality advice on how to drive traffic to your website, generate leads and build your online presence consider a net101 course.‎

As someone who regarded himself as ressonaby internet commerce savvy, I was delighted and astonished by the depth and quality of information delivered by Tim during the above. His delivery and explanation of what can be a very involved topic was remarkably cogent and lucid. Tim is one of those special people with a 360degree view of their area of expertise and his NET101 workshop is a must for anyone who is interested in making a "successful crossing" of the brave new commercial frontier that is internet marketing.‎

We are already involved in E commerce and have been using social media with reasonable succes for quite some time but the small things that I learnt at this class are priceless and we will certainly move ahead in leaps and bounds because of this. Bring on the advanced course I say!! This is a must for anyone that is serious!! And if you choose not to go you better hope your competition doesn't go either or you may have a problem! Ian Baker Hi Octane Racing Sydney Australia‎.

A terrific course that was both informative and interesting. I have managed to already put some of what I have learnt back into our website and my to do list for our website is enormous. I am sure once I put into place the terrific advice and hints I received from this course our website will be reaping the rewards.

I recently attended a half day workshop that Tim conducted in Melbourne. It was probably one of the most useful workshops I've attended. Tim addressed, in very real and practical terms, current issues in digital marketing and how as marketers, we can best connect with our audience. Tim has a wealth of knowledge and the presentation was excellent. Time well spent.‎‎

After attending Tim's digital marketing workshop in Brisbane, it opened up a world of information I was previously ignorant to. I would recommend his workshop to anyone wanting to utilise the web for their business - which in todays world, should be all of us.‎

If you need to sell your product (& every business does), the yellow pages are no longer the way to do it. Tim Martin & digital marketing is the NOW way. Organic Google listing is a must & it's free. Every CEO needs to get this right. Spend a day with Tim Martin, it's well worth it.

I have attended two Digital Marketing Workshops hosted by Tim Martin this year. Both were excellent in terms of content & presentation. Tim is the guru of the Digital Age.....More please!

I found this a very worthwhile session. It provided an overview of an array of topics and so was a good introduction to what to be aware of. I found the interactive format using examples from within the group a nice touch.

A most effective introduction to the many facets of and opportunities offered by marketing via the Internet. Introduced these in an easy to understand manner and illustrated all with ample examples - including his own work - that will be easy to utilise. Professionally staged and conducted.

Tim's workshop in Brisbane was amazing! I learnt so much about social media marketing and search engine optimisation - and the answers to all my questions are SO simple!! It was a fantastic day of learning - the best one day training I've ever received.

Tim's digital marketing seminar gave me many new ideas and technics of making my current internet image and web site more efficient and productive. I found Tim to be very personal even when communicating to a large group. Thanks Tim ...great seminar!‎

Tim's workshop on digital marketing offered lots of insights into changes I can make to our website to improve its ranking within search engine results. My day with him was well worth the money!‎

Tim's course was fantastic - very insightful and informative on how to get the best out of your internet marketing. Very professional and very knowledgable!

Tim's an exception to the IT industry by being the only digital marketing consultant who truly "walks his talk". He is one of the few, if not the only one in Australia, who is able to take you through a complete and integrated digital marketing program. Sign up as a participant in any of Tim's seminars and you'll quickly find that there is no equivalent consultant that has his depth of knowledge and ease of delivery. A true professional in every sense of the word - well done, Tim!‎

Tim is one of the best instructors. The workshop is very interesting and everyone got a chance to be part of it. The course covered all aspects of the digital marketing, easy to understand and can instantly be used to improve our website and business. Thank you!‎

I attended the course last week, I found it extremely informative, it gave me so many insights into Google Optimization that I will be using to increase traffic to our website. I would definitely recommend it highly.‎

Tim's presentation provided expertise in digital marketing and online business techniques. His exceptional workshop offered marketing possibilities to the greatest level as well as triggered potential clients in an extraordinary manner. Very informative and insightful!

Tim is passionate about the internet and his enthusiasm really shows in his presentation - I found his seminar engaging, thought-provoking and well considered.

This is a brilliant 1 day course for getting up to speed on internet marketing. Whether you're a beginner or consider yourself an expert you will walk away with some excellent insights and invaluable tools to enhance the online marketing strategies for your business. 2 Sticks Digital Marketing guru Tim Martin keeps himself at the forefront of the latest in the digital space, and so despite having already done a Certificate in Digital Marketing prior to this seminar, I was extremely satisfied with the advanced techniques I learnt - it is well worth the money! Highly recommended!‎

2 Sticks Digital Marketing was certainly of great assistance with sharpening my skills and broadening my awareness about the vast opportunities and possibilities presented by the ever changing world of online marketing. While I came into the seminar with a relatively closed set of expectations, Tim drew my attention and gave valuable insight to some less obvious aspects of the online marketing process that I would have otherwise overlooked. This was a solid seminar that I would highly recommend.‎

Tim knows more than most people. Tim also knows more than I do. But Tim has told me some of what he knows. So now I know more than you do. If I were you, I would think that would never do. So what can you do? You can learn from Tim, too. I suggest that you do. may find yourself in the doo-doo.‎

Simply put, Tim's workshops are awesome! I've done two! This space is moving incredibly fast and if you think you've got your web presence well squeezed, you'll be mistaken. Tim takes you to digital landscapes you've never heard of, gives compelling counsel as to to why you need to be there and the tools to do it. Tip of 2010! Go and buy yourself a ticket!‎

You pick up bits and pieces here and there about internet marketing strategy such as linking to other websites and search engine friendly content but what does it mean and how does it apply? 2 Sticks Digital Marketing present all this information (plus much much more) in real terms. Tim highlights a number of up to date strategies and very handy hints to increase your intelligence in the digital realm. I learned a great deal in one of the 1 day seminars - I had to go home and rewrite my notes to make sure I didn't forget anything. It was all very valuable.‎

Take a day out of your business and go to one of Tim Martin's Internet Marketing seminars- it is worth it! Tim explains practical , effective and easily implemented methods to increase your businesses chance of being found by your target market. I was able to make many of these changes myself ( no web-designers required) the very next day. I highly recommend Tim's seminars.‎

A great eye opener with plenty of ideas for thought and action. Tim brings a practiced experience to his seminars along with a capability and passion to address the needs of participants at all levels. As we go forward we need to adjust to a shift in both the power and the paradigm of marketing: its more about how you spend your time (listening and responding to the message of your consumers on the internet) then on how you spend your money on media (directing and controlling a corporate message). Tim puts this compelling change into perspective, very well.‎

Websites need to be functional, user-friendly and engaging.. Everyone understands that.. But what Tim stresses is that first and foremost a website must be able to be easily FOUND by search engines (ie search engine optimisation), and he does a great job of showing you just how you can increase your chances of that. Thanks so much Tim for your insight!‎

I really enjoyed the Internet Marketing seminar - it kept me up to speed with what's happening in the internet marketing world without getting bogged down in the jargon. Tim focussed on getting the basics of SEM right FIRST before progressing onto the temptation of other new media. He also made suggestions on what needs to be considered if you are ready for that progression. The seminar was with a small group of people which Tim tailored completely to us. he showed a genuine interest (and previous research/understanding) of our businesses and openly answered our specific questions. Haven't been to a more engaging seminar in a long time!‎

Tim Martin's informative and well rounded presentation involved a variety of important topics that ANY size business needs to understand and implement in this digital business environment. After the presentation our employees had a much clearer understanding of the current innovations of the internet and how to use them for marketing and PR. After implementing Tim's suggestions we have turned our static website into a dynamic online business that yields highly profitable results.‎

This was a really inspiring course. We covered so many ideas it really will help feed new life into our marketing strategy for the year ahead. It was great to be reminded of the importance of SEO marketing and to get some fresh ideas on how to exploit Google and web 2.0 tools to our advantage - at minimal cost. Thank you! Non Jenkins, RMIT Publishing‎

2 Sticks Digital Marketing and Tim Martin provided me with practical, highly valuable skills to propel my business to the front of the digital playing field. He demystified search engine optimization and dissolved my fear of the Google platforms. Thank you Tim - another great Kiwi.

Tim provided us with practical, easily understood advice on how to improve our website from a segmentation perspective for SEO purposes.‎

Just wanted to put out there the high care factor that Tim puts into his work at 2sticks digital. Have heard Tim speak on several occasions and have had the opportunity to utilise his skills with our SEO and social media coverage. Highly recommended particularly if you are looking for someone who knows the intricacies of digital marketing but can communicate in "layman's" language. Thanks for your help Tim, it's much appreciated.‎

McKees are a specialist environmental law practice who sought Tim's advice to help us on the journey to relevance in cyber space. He answered politely all my dumb questions and revealed to me the opportunity that consistent delivery of information to existing and potential clients could bring to my firm. Gaining a foundation of understanding has inspired me to be intentional about developing a web presence and familiarlity with it's everchanging nature. We highly recommend Tim as a wise and generous advisor in his chosen areas of expertise. We have found him to be highly effective in our business relationship.‎

We are a software company and the internet is such a major focus that employ a full time person with internet marketing qualifications and experience. An hour with Tim quickly clarified a number of issues that were clouding my understanding and showed me how we can easily increase our business. He is very insightful and makes it easy to follow. Thanks Tim.‎

Tim Martin knows his stuff . We have an architectural practice that is growing here and overseas ;so how do you meet the need of digital marketing in different markets . Tim talked about the means of dividing and conquering ;how to assess each market and to then refocus our style and presentation accordingly. Digital marketing is not our primary marketing strategy and Tim showed us ways of doing so that is both cost and time affective. Tim gave an objective assessment of where we stand and how to go forward. Help greatly appreciated ,excellent advice.‎

Tim has been a great asset to the business and has helped us achieve our goals with Google adwords. From start to finish he has been so easy to deal with and has given us a better understading of how the Marketing world works. His tricks of the trade really got us to where we want to be and has opened our eyes to many possibilities. He definately knows his stuff and would reccomend his services to anyone.‎

After attending the 4 hour Digital Marketing Workshop I have a better understanding of the online posibilities utilising a relatively easy to use and freely available tool set. My background is in IT and I found that Tim's presentation style and the group dialogue adequtely covered both practical aspects, customer perspectives, and brand marketing considerations. A short but highly valuable workshop that "Hit The Sweet Spot"‎

Tim's no nonsense approach to marketing provided many practical and real world ideas to improve our SEO while actually saving money. 4 hours very well spent.‎

Tim has an amazing way with words and with a possibly daunting topic, explains things simply and effectively. It was fantastic sitting in a small group discussing real world options to market and promote my business without needing a corporate finance team behind me to fund the ideas! Tim showed us how simple it is to target and find anything you need without massive research budgets and effectively utilise this information to service my own clients. I would recommend 2 Sticks Digital Marketing seminars to ANYONE looking to start-out or like me, refresh ideas on ways to digitally market your business online.‎

Tim's course in digital marketing was fantastic and incredibly useful. he has given me a number of tools that I will be taking full advantage of! Brilliant!‎

Tim's course was an eye opener and introduced me to a number of new tools that we'll be using in our future business‎

Tim's advice on how to structure our campaign around iPhone development services produced amazing results for our business in only a few days. I could not believe how quickly the campaign created highly qualified sales leads for us. jTribe is really looking forward to get Tim involved in our next digital marketing activities.‎

Zart Art had Tim run a training session in July 2009 and he was amazing, all the team are fired up to improve our online systems. He is a great presenter and makes his sessions simple and easy to understand (even for the older staff). We would highly recommend his services. Michael Barnes National Sales Manager.‎

Tim greatly assisted us ( with the fundamentals of website visibility from a market segmentation perspective. The art and science of SEO doesn't seem quite so mysterious anymore!‎

2 Sticks, Tim's company, gave us straight up, no nonsense advice on how to quickly improve our Google Adwords campaigns for our digital online marketplace ( This advice has made an immediate and significant impact on our conversion rates, and we are now running highly successful ad campaigns. This small, but highly competent, Melbourne based outfit understands their business and can communicate Internet based marketing concepts in layman terms.‎

If you need to understand the fast paced advancements in the digital world and stay ahead of the game – you should talk to Tim. Tim presented a lot of very useful information in a relatively short amount of time but he did so in a way that was easy to understand and engaging. He made the world of digital accessible and gave us all some excellent advice and ideas that could be used boost our business' profile immediately. Basically he demystified the digital world for the people the room – an excellent achievement.‎

I found Tim and his team to be very responsive and knowledgeable on the latest SEO techniques. We have noticed increased traffic even by just taking on a few tips for our Sydney Mailing and Melbourne Mailing Houses. A forward thinking outside of the box company that I have had some great experiences with.

Tim has provided some fantastic training on maximising our digital marketing capability. While we felt our Adwords campaigns and SEO were at a reasonable level, Tim opened our eyes to numerous possiblities for improvement. I have no doubt the tuition we have received from Tim will drastically improve our digital marketing profile and the benefits for our business should flow from there, Strongly recommended, very comprehensive but also presented in an easy to understand format. Excellent.‎

I didn't know there was so much you could with modern marketing tools. My head is still spinning with all the fantastic possibilities that Tim has opened up for us.‎

Tim provided me with an overview of some fantastic marketing tools (Twitter, You Tube, Google Analytics etc) that are readily available online. He explained how best to utilise these, along with ways to search engine optimise our various sites. It was an extremely interesting and insightful tutorial. Thanks for the invaluable advice!‎

I was fortunate to attend a recent presentation of Tim's on digital marketing and social media. The impact on a room of CEOs with their mouths open and their eyes open even wider was profound. They were introduced to digital marketing and communication opportunities they didn't know existed. Digital communications change at such a rapid pace, it is critical that businesses have a conduit to this digital stratosphere. Tim is it!‎

Until Tim's digital marketing workshop, the world of digital marketing seemed remote, foreign, and unattainable. As a marketing director I knew I needed to do something about it but I couldn't get the full picture. Tim's workshops not only opened my strategic vision to encompass a whole new world; I also now know how to apply digital across my entire marketing and communications strategy. I feel confident I can now keep ahead and with the times rather than looking back realising I left my company sitting in the backwater.‎

Had my mind opened to a world of opportunities using digital marketing concepts presented in a clear and comprehensible manner by Tim Martin. Would highly recommend you do the same! Geoff Hamence

Attended a session with 2SDM this week and both impressed and humbled! The information was of great practical value and revealed a stack of tools I never new existed and approaches which will help us deliver better quality messaging, reach and program evaluation - highly recommended to all except our competition! Roger Ringwood‎