Generative AI Guest Speaker

Tim Martin is a charismatic advocate in the fields of artificial intelligence and marketing technology. His widespread recognition and extensive experience on the conference circuit have established him as a prominent figure. His presentations are not only informative but also inspiring, offering audiences a fresh perspective on these rapidly evolving fields.


Introduction to Generative AI
- Overview of how generative AI is enhancing and augmenting human work across industries.
- Examination of AI's role in automating tasks and transforming business workflows and methodologies.
- Discussion on the impact of generative AI in marketing strategies and content creation.
- Ethical considerations and responsibilities in AI usage, addressing biases and ethical concerns.
- Understanding Generative AI Technologies.

In-depth analysis of technologies like ChatGPT: development, functionality, and limitations
- Exploration of the potential for misinformation and how to mitigate it.
- Strategies for leveraging AI in business, including customer support enhancements and internal communication improvements.
- Tailoring AI to Business Needs.

Guidelines for developing bespoke AI models for specific business requirements
- Understanding the potential and limitations of custom AI applications.
- Expanding the use of AI beyond customer support, including staff training and the development of organisational knowledge bases.
- The Evolving Landscape of Generative AI.

Analysis of ongoing advancements in AI and their impact on the business sector
- Case studies showcasing AI solutions to various business challenges.
- Insight into the current and future roles of conversational AI in business.
- Adapting to AI in Business.

Strategies for businesses to stay informed about and adapt to AI technology changes
- Understanding the implications of AI in the business environment.
- Preparing for the future of AI in business: opportunities and challenges.

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