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This course offers a focused, practical overview for business professionals seeking to harness the potential of generative AI in their operations. It cuts through the complexity to deliver actionable insights into how generative AI can create content, transform business models, and drive innovation.

Participants will explore real-world applications, from AI-generated media to conversational AI, and learn to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by these emerging technologies.

Designed for immediate workplace application, the course emphasises the development of AI strategies and the integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) in various business scenarios, equipping professionals with the knowledge to leverage generative AI for competitive advantage.

Program topics


  • Unveiling how generative AI creates novel content, including text, images and videos.
  • Exploring the role of generative synthetic media in business environments.

Business Transformation through Generative AI

  • Analysing the impact of generative AI technologies on business infrastructure.
  • The importance of developing generative AI-specific policies in organisations.
  • The emergence of new roles and the necessity for upskilling in the era of generative AI.

Understanding the Mechanics of Generative AI

  • A comprehensive look at the inner workings of generative AI models, like ChatGPT.
  • Showcasing practical business applications through generative AI demonstrations.

Interactive Experiences with Generative AI Tools

  • Exploring applications such as AI-generated voice assistants and text transformations.
  • The significance of Large Language Models (LLMs) in business contexts.

Addressing the Challenges and Risks of Generative AI

  • Confronting the unique challenges of generative AI, including biases, inaccuracies and content safety.
  • Discussion on implementing safety measures like filters, classifiers, and data protection in generative AI systems.

Utilising LLMs as Business Tools

  • Leveraging LLMs for generating natural language content and data interfaces.
  • Enhancing business operations with generative conversational AI.

Specialised Generative AI Applications in Business

  • Streamlining workplace documentation processes with generative AI tools.
  • Crafting bespoke, AI-generated chatbots for diverse business needs.
  • Using generative AI to innovate in marketing and social media strategies.
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Your instructor

Tim Martin

Tim Martin

In 2022, Tim launched one of Australia's first courses in generative artificial intelligence, marking a significant shift in his career towards AI education.

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What participants thought

Eliza P

Growth & Retention Manager

Completed this course with Tim Martin - exceptional! Informative, practical and fun. I feel empowered to take my learnings and apply to my business.

Michelle S

Office Manager

Absolutely fantastic workshop! A really great intro. I gained valuable knowledge that I can easily apply to my business. Highly recommend.

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