Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Course - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth


1 – Where we are now

Quick history and explanation of Search Engine Marketing

  • Explanation of Google best practice, their product aims and general direction
  • Black, Grey and white hat – what do they mean
  • Google’s major algorithm components - Hummingbird, Panda & Penguin, Rank Brain, Pidgeon etc.
  • The relationship and distinct differences between paid search marketing and SEO
  • An explanation of the latest updates


2 - Keywords

How to research, select and track the right phrases

  • Identifying the best keywords to focus on for your product or service – thinking like your customer
  • Key phrase research tools – a brief overview of free and paid online tools
  • Intent vs informational search strings
  • Building key phrase verticals - Long tail vs short trail and volume vs conversions
  • Accurate tracking techniques – mobile vs desktop vs locality


3 - Website Structure

  • How to perform a basic SEO onsite – Wordpress example
  • Ensuring clean permalinks and URLs
  • Meta Titles, Descriptions and their relation to page contextualisation
  • Index procedures - controlling what Google sees and what it doesn’t
  • An quick introduction to Yoast
  • Understanding the role your domain history has in SEO


4 - Website Content

A guide to writing quality content for users and search engines

  • How to use keywords in your content – density and headings
  • Connecting your content with key phrase queries
  • Layout and structure
  • Rich content vs thin content


5 – Offsite

Allowing your website to breath and spread its wings

  • Strategies for attracting back-links to your content
  • Citations vs links
  • No follow vs follow
  • A brief introduction into backlink quality assessments


6 – Is it working?

How to assess your campaign’s performance accurately

  • An introduction into Google Analytics and ‘organic traffic’
  • Keyword tracking tools
  • Understanding the dynamic nature of ranking positions - Mobile, Desktop, Voice, Text, Devices, IPs, Location etc