Online Video Course - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth



YouTube Channel Set-Up
Brand-level customisations, subscriber video activation and comments/ rating controls

Channel Playlists
Playlist creation using your own videos and/or third-party YouTube video content

Video Upload Technical Requirements
Supported file formats, size and length

Video Settings
Titles, descriptions, tags, thumbnail selection, language selection, visibility settings

YouTube Video Enhancement Features
Generating native or uploaded video transcriptions for captions, translations, face-blurring, clickable overlays, watermarking, applying free musical backing tracks

YouTube ‘Studio’
Basic editing and full video analytics suite

YouTube Live
Live video streaming and stream management

YouTube Video Distribution
Syndicating videos into social media or as embeds within a website or blog

Video Search Optimisation
Optimising for YouTube and standard Google keyword search

Licensing and Rights Ownership
Flexible copyright options for your public YouTube video content

YouTube Downloads
Download and save video files directly from YouTube

Video QR codes
Generate offline, scannable QR (Quick Response) codes for your YouTube videos so they can be viewed where and when they’re needed, e.g. to compliment assembly instructions

Alternatives to YouTube for Video Hosting
YouTube is not the only game in town…


2. SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter)

The wide and popular use of video across social media will be demonstrated using the video capable features of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter

Standard Video Posting
Uploaded, syndicated and shared video posts across the various publishing points for each of our four featured social media platforms

Live Streaming
Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter’s live streaming options, and live stream feed management

Video Ads
Format options for social media video format advertising 

Social Media Video Post Embeds
Embedding interactive social media video content onto the pages of your website or blog

Facebook and Instagram Story video format requirements (including a few resizing apps), and Story enhancement features such as masks, frames and interactive filters

Subtitles and Closed Captions
Incorporating subtitles or closed captions for social media videos which typically autoplay muted

Social Media Video Analytics
Analysis view, view-time and click data for your YouTube videos syndicated through social media, as well as those you have upload directly

Social Media Video GIFs
Creating video GIFs from your own online or uploaded video clips



Simple Hardware Set-Up
Tripod, phone holder, external mic and gimbal (for movement stabilisation)

Alternative Video Format Production Using a Smartphone
Alternate video formats such as slow-mo, time lapse, hyperlapse and stop-motion 

Common Video Editing Suites & Apps
Free or inexpensive desktop and mobile apps for everyday video editing 

Using Freelancers for Basic Video Production Tasks
Inexpensive outsourcing of basic video production tasks such editing, audio adjustment, voiceovers, music backing, intros & outros, and closed captioning and subtitling 

Image Videos & Screencasts
Basic software for converting images into moving video, or to capture video directly from a computer or mobile screen (popular for website, app and software demonstrations)