Internet Marketing Strategy Course - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth




Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Search engine dynamics - on and off page
  • Search engine optimising an existing website
  • Structuring a new website for maximum search engine visibility (market segmentation)
  • Keyword research tools
  • Google Places (local business listings)
  • Measurement and reporting

Online PR

  • Setting up an online news room
  • Setting up a multimedia resource room
  • Submitting electronic press releases via online wire services
  • Search engine optimising your press releases
  • Social media SEO
  • Managing Google News
  • Content cross-distribution & cross-promotion

Online Reputation Management

  • Listening tools and platforms
  • Customised monitoring tools
  • Digital asset optimisation as a reputation defense
  • Managing online reviews
  • Wikipedia
  • Online PR crisis management

Online Measurement

  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Defining actionable key metrics
  • Setting up ‘conversion goals’ and ROI calculations
  • Generating auto-reports
  • Campaign tracking
  • RSS feed analytics
  • URL analytics

Online Information Filtering For Business Intelligence

  • Filtering and organising online business information from aggregator portals such as Google Search, Google News, Google Finance & Google Insights.
  • Creating a customised, live dataflow dashboard

Micro-Targeted Online Advertising

  • Google AdWords - pinpoint content and search network options
  • Facebook targeted ads by demographic and psychographic
  • LinkedIn targeted ads by geographic, industry and professional title

Online International Marketing

  • International search engine dynamics
  • Launching country specific microsites or campaign pages
  • Running geographic specific Google AdWords campaigns
  • Domain, language and cultural design considerations
  • Using language, time & currency conversion widgets